The Pope

What a figure?  One man, not even of my idealogy, can inspire such hope in my fellow man.  What is it about this person that drives me to be a better person?

He is old.  His voice is funny.  He doesn’t appear strong.  But then you see videos of his laugh.  Read stories of his humility.  Listen to the voices of the poor that he intentionally goes to support.  He appears as genuine a human being as I can imagine with the limited knowledge I have (I don’t take television nor news as the truth about any individual).  When you put these latter things together, you realize that if God had ever touched a person, it was this man.

Then you think, why not me?  This man can speak about family, helping the poor, feeding those in need, and bringing happiness and the light to all.  Why can I not too desire to live as this man?  I know that true acts of kindness can bring such joy and carry such strength!  Why can I not also live as true to this man’s vision?  Christianity is a belief, but that is not what I see the Pope as selling.  The Pope is peddling the idea of how to live ones life, and he is the ultimate example of that product.  

The world is a very dangerous place, filled with very dangerous people.  But, the world’s arguably most powerful man is the would be protaganist of evil, slaying demons and devils with his charming smile, amazing humility, and soup and bread for the homeless.  That is true strength.  And that is true power of spirit.


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A Blah Read

Steve Jobs biography…

I can’t say that I’m enjoying this read.  While I do find the subject of Job’s upbringing and road to success very intriguing, biographies tend to be stale after so many pages.  The fact is that real life doesn’t hold the same sense of imagination as fiction.  I think that Job’s was a remarkable person and when the pages are turning, I’m interested to see what made the man tick.  The problem is that I don’t have a lot of motivation to get the pages turning when I’m finally settling down for the night.  So, with that in mind, I think I’m only going to make it through the first hundred or so pages of the book.  Perhaps I will come back and finish it another day, but I think I’ve had my fill of this Apple.
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